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Jo Ann Di Sensi is the Vice President of Global Quality Assurance and Privacy Officer at BioPharma Services. Jo Ann is an accomplished QA professional with over 24 years of Quality Assurance/Quality Systems and Compliance experience in the Clinical Research, Analytical and Cannabis Industries.   As Privacy Officer, Jo Ann ensures compliance related to privacy, security and confidentiality with application legislation for the protection of personal information. Within the Clinical Research field, she provided leadership and management of over 1000 Phase I and bioequivalence/bioavailability clinical trials.

Jo Ann has been a member of the BioPharma team since March 2020 and is largely responsible for implementing the quality standards and systems that govern BioPharma’s global operations. In addition to having extensive knowledge of the International Standards of GCP and GLP, Jo Ann has successfully led numerous regulatory inspections including the US FDA, UK MHRA, ANVISA, SCC, CAEAL, CFIA, EMA, Menviq and Health Canada, as well as numerous audits by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.