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STUDY NO. 2807 G2

STUDY NO. 2807 G2

Demographic: Healthy Volunteers
Gender: Male/Females
Weight: 90-110kg 
Age Range: 18-54 years of age
Location: Toronto, Canada
Compensation: $9,915

Study Duration

Please call 416-747-5246 for more information! 

Recreational Drug Use









Study Schedule

Screening Session Ongoing
Qualification Session N/A
Study Periods

Pre-Check in Activity Compensation
Vaccine Visit 1- $250
Vaccine Visit 2- $250
Study Screening- $50

In Study Compensation:
The money will be paid to you as per the following schedule:
Day 5 Check- out $1,650
Day 15 Visit $500
Day 29 Visit $500
Day 43 Visit $2,000
Day 64 visit $500
Day 78 Visit $500
Day 92 Visit $4,265
Total Compensation (separate from pre study activity) $9,915



Follow-Up Visit


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Registration Form



If you’re interested in an upcoming trial or would like to be informed of future trials, you can contact our Recruiting Call Centre and register/prescreen with us. Upon completing your registration we will provide you with the details of the study and assess if you qualify for the study on a preliminary basis (pre-screening).


If you are deemed eligible during your pre-screening (preliminary) evaluation, we will schedule you for a screening appointment. During this visit, you will participate in an informed consent session as well as the following medical assessments/measurements (these may vary based on the study requirements): body mass index (BMI), electrocardiogram (ECG)*, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, physical examination, medical history review, alcohol test, blood test(s), urine test(s).

*ECG: An ECG (electrocardiogram) records the electrical activity of your heart. It provides information about your heart rate and rhythm.


If you are deemed eligible based on the results of your medical screening visit, you will contacted by the Results Coordinator. We will usually call you within 5 business days of your medical screening appointment. This may vary.


If you are assigned to a study, you will need to be prepared for your visits. This requires you to be available for the study visits based on the dates and times listed in the study schedule, following the study restrictions and arriving at the site in a timely manner with your personal belongings.


You will receive the full study compensation upon completion of all the study visits. This compensation may be broken down into partial payments depending on the overall duration of the study. Penalties and deductions may be applied for lateness, missed visits or non-compliances (as outlined in the Informed Consent Form). The compensation is provided on a pro-rated basis (i.e. you will be compensated for all completed visits according to the payment schedule).

Packing List

Things You Can Bring

• Change of clothes (appropriate and comfortable for the study duration)

• Electronic gadgets (devices with image capturing capabilities, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets will have cameras covered with special tape for the duration of confinement)

• Personal grooming products

Things Not To Bring

• Comb/Brush

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste (no whitening or tartar control toothpastes or toothpastes with medicinal ingredients)