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About Us

Our Vision: Leading the way in early stage clinical research through Performance, Quality & Innovation


We invite you now to come and experience the true BioPharma service.

It’s our people, our culture and our community.

BioPharma Services was founded by two surgeons dedicated to advancing medical science to improve the life and spirit of their patients. With this same dedication and vision in mind, these physicians brought life to BioPharma.

Through each success, and even some failures, the perpetual drive to make BioPharma great has been determined by the will and dedication of our people. The will to empower their colleagues, friends and teammates to excel in all facets of clinical research and inspire performance to achieve greatness.

It is with this same culture and brand of excellence that we welcome our clients. To experience the team community that has propelled us into a global leader in medical research, to be a client-focused partner, where people and patients matter.

Again, we invite you to come and meet our people. Our people who have learned that success is better achieved and celebrated as a team than as an individual.

Photo of Anna Taylor, Managing Director BioPharma Services.

We aim to be a one-stop clinical trial services company that helps our clients streamline all aspects of their human clinical trials. With our expert team striving daily for scientific excellence through inspired innovation, BioPharma Services delivers an exemplary service offering.”

Anna Taylor, Managing Director

Recognized Worldwide

In this highly regulated industry that is governed by the international quality standards of GCP and GLP, it is paramount that our process, quality and governance never falters. Adhering to the principles set forth by the ICH, BioPharma’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety standards is supported by our history of regulatory inspections which spans across markets. They include routine regulatory inspections by the US FDA, UK MHRA, ANSM, DKMA, ANVISA, Health Canada, World Health Organization and a GLP certification by the SCC.

Quality. Trust. On Time Delivery. Every step of the way.

We know how hard it can be to select the right CRO for your drug development program. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that from the moment you contact us to schedule a discovery call, we are with you for every step of the journey.

BioPharma Services is a full service CRO that can help you take your compound from the protocol development stage right through to submission to regulatory agencies.


We check all the right boxes that make us the Right Partner for you.

  • Full-service CRO from study design inception to clinical trial execution. Data reporting and tabulation to the final Clinical Study Report. See Our Services for full details.
  • Client-focused, client-centric service, transparent communication, pro-active approach, innovative thinking and solutions.
  • A centrally located state of the art clinical centre in Toronto, Canada with a total capacity of 200 beds.
  • In-house bioanalytical laboratory to support LC/MS/MS analysis in different matrices.
  • Proven commitment to quality supported by successful inspections from the WHO, US FDA, UK MHRA, French and Danish authorities, ANVISA and Health Canada.
  • GLP certified by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).
  • Expedited timelines including proven First-to-File services for US FDA drug submissions.
  • A seasoned team of Physicians, Scientists and Clinicians dedicated to our clients’ needs and objectives.
  • Key areas of focus include Phase 1 clinical studies, PK/PD, Human Abuse Potential and Abuse Deterrent Assessments, Bioequivalence/Bioavailability, and GLP R&D and sample analysis.
  • Robust database of healthy subject volunteers and special populations including recreational drug users and post-menopausal/surgically sterile females.

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