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Navigating the Medical Screening Process as a Clinical Trial Participant

Medical screening is a crucial part of a clinical trial participant’s journey. It is the process where researchers evaluate a participant’s health and medical history to determine whether they meet the eligibility criteria for the trial. The screening appointment...

5 tips for staying healthy during winter

Being a research participant requires volunteers to show good health status. This can be especially hard in the winter months with darker days, cold temperatures and weakened immunity to fight off flu and other cold viruses. With 2023 upon us and a lot of new year's...

Volunteer Experience Testimonies

    A New Experience Stepping into the world of clinical research may be confusing and daunting, especially with all that’s going on in today’s world. With all the information available online, it can be complex to figure out the information you need to...

Volunteer Guide to taking part in a Clinical Trial

Volunteer Guide to Taking Part in a Clinical Trial at BioPharma Services Clinical trials are an essential part of medical science research, a driving force for innovative advancements in preventing, detecting and treating disease and other health issues. Trials aim to...

Spotlight on: Kemba Robinson, BioPharma’s Friendly Resource for Drug Study Participants

Kemba Robinson is BioPharma's friendly resource for drug study participants When volunteers walk through the front door of BioPharma Services for a clinical drug trial screening, they're not greeted with an intimidating laboratory atmosphere or scientists wearing...

Introducing All New BioPharma Services Website

BioPharma Services is undergoing a series of changes to improve processes to meet stakeholder expectations. Our website plays a crucial role in connecting us to our sponsors and volunteers, while also bringing internal news and industry updates at your fingertips. Our...

How to Book a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

After a year of intense speculation, several COVID-19 vaccines, administered in single or duplicate doses, were approved by the FDA, Health Canada and other major international healthcare agencies in early 2021. The vaccination drive in the US and Canada is divided...

Diversity And Inclusion In Clinical Trials

Any new medicine or therapeutic being developed must go through a series of phases that include tests on humans before doctors can prescribe it for general use. Data from clinical trials on humans is analyzed to determine safety and efficacy of the drug and for...

EXPLAINED: What is a Phase 1 clinical trial and why are clinical trials important

The term ‘Clinical Trial’ has become synonymous with medication and drugs, especially during the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic that has taken millions of lives around the world. It took nearly a year for vaccines to be considered for approval for use among the...

In Pictures: BioPharma Staff Engage Communities, Promote Use of Masks

As the search for a COVID-19 vaccine continues, BioPharma Services staff reached out to Toronto’s communities to answer questions around clinical trial processes, safety measures in our facilities and the importance of wearing a mask to reduce the spread of the novel...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical trial?
A Clinical trial is a process which is performed to determine whether an investigational drug, device or therapy is safe and effective.   In early phase research (i.e. Phases 1 and 2), the safety and effectiveness of the drug will be evaluated in healthy volunteers.
What are early phase clinical trials?

Clinical Trials are divided into 4 phases.  Phase 1 and 2 trials constitute early phase trials, Phase 3 and 4 research studies are late-phase trials.

The primary objective of Phase 1 studies is to determine the correct drug dosage by evaluating drug safety and determining if there are any side effects.  Phase 1 trials are conducted in healthy volunteers.

Phase 2 studies also study the safety of a drug but focus on evaluating its effectiveness. These studies can be conducted in healthy volunteers or in individuals who have a certain disease or condition.

Should I expect to experience any side-effects while doing studies?
As every study is testing an investigational product, there may be side effects. You will be provided with a list of side effects that have been reported in previous trials (if any), so you can make an informed decision whether or not to participate in the trial. During the trial you will be required to immediately inform clinic study staff of any adverse effects that you are experiencing. These side effects usually resolve upon discontinuation of the study drug.