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BioPharma Functional Services Provider (FSP)

Our Functional Service Provider (FSP) solutions offer a variety of services ‘a-la-carte’ style, rather than providing a full suite of services for your clinical trial.
Get an ideal team when you need it now. That’s the BioPharma Difference. 

Benefits of BioPharma FSP Solutions

1. Scalability

BioPharma Functional Service Provider can share workloads across monitors and FTE demand in real time. Based on Sponsor requirements, BioPharma FSP increased flexibility enables quick movement of resources across therapeutic areas, sites, and/or from one study to another.

2. Access to All Science Members & Support Staff

BioPharma Functional Service Provider solutions will help your clinical trials’ quality and reduce resource demands as we provide knowledgeable staff of committed data management specialists who work as an extension to your current team.

3. Constant Support Oversight

Communication is critical. That’s why we provide exceptionally trained experts, when and where you need them, right from the start. No matter the department or sub-service, our team is there for you for all your support requirements.

4. Uncomplicated Procedure: One Point of Contact

We take the headache out of clinical trials. The BioPharma advantage allows you to leverage all our resources from trial development to completion. Don’t need a service? Simply let us know. Our years of agility in clinical trials only benefits you further with our comprehensive Master Services Agreement (MSA).

5. Resource Leadership

Efficiency never compromises quality. BioPharma Functional Service Provider can result in significant cost savings that can benefit the provider. With our established, strong site network, this can lower the risk of missing a deadline where a study might be challenging to recruit for.

6. Efficient Delivery

We have the global infrastructure and local expertise to meet your needs, whether you want to expand where you are already active or access knowledge in more affordable regions.

Expanding Our Team for You

We provide resources that are Flexible and Tailored to your individual needs.
Available across all therapeutic areas.

  • Clinical Project Managers

  • Clinical Trial Managers

  • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)

  • Clinical Data Managers

  • Study Coordinators

  • Medical Monitors

  • Biostatisticians

  • Statistical Programmers

Goal Oriented ― Performance Driven

A fast-processing Functional Service Provider that’s built for scale, speed and output. Our elite network of clinical FSP specialists at BioPharma Services are prepared to scale your clinical trial resources, shorten turnaround times and increase productivity throughout development.

We believe we have created the right level of flexibility, agility, innovation and efficiency to ensure a tailored approach is delivered to each and every FSP partnership we establish.

Anna Taylor

Managing Director, BioPharma Services

Why Choose BioPharma FSP Solutions

Here’s Some Of
Our Achievements


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Awards and Recognitions

Multidisciplinary Experts

The BioPharma Services team of over 250 multidisciplinary experts includes physicians, clinical pharmacologists, bioanalytical scientists, pharmacists, medical writers, data managers, biostatisticians, recruitment and screening specialists, and regulatory scientists. Among them, there are at least 8 Ph.D. graduates, and the cumulative experience of our principal investigators (PI’s) encompasses over 50 years.

BioPharma Services is an innovative, full-service CRO proficient in all aspects of early phase clinical trials. We have established an external network of collaborators, including academic partners with extensive expertise in the field of PET imaging. This collaboration enables us, if indicated, to implement PET imaging in our clients’ clinical trials.

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