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Our Facilities

Learn more about our state of the art clinical and laboratory facilities in Toronto, Canada and St. Louis, USA with our virtual site tours.

Take a Virtual Tour of our St. Louis and Toronto Clinical Research Facilities

St. Louis, USA

Toronto, Canada

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Clinical Operation Capabilities

2 State-of-the-art Locations (CA, US)

300+ bed subject capacity with superior accommodations

 Phase 1 Clinical Trial ICU

BA/BE, Phase 1

NHV and special populations

Bioanalysis Stronghold

20,000 sample analysis capacity

 LC/MS-MS Platform

5x QTRAP 5500

4x QTRAP 4000

~50 MV/year

Watson LIMS

Data Management & Biostatistics Services

DMP and SAP development

Safety data management

Medical coding

Safety TLFs


BioPharma Services operates as a Global Leader for Clinical Research Services based out of 2 North American research facilities.

Toronto, Canada | Research Facility

Needle and vial against Canada flag background

180-bed clinical unit

 3 BE clinic units with flexible design

2 Phase 1 Clinical Trial Intensive Care Units (ICU)

 Overall clinic capacity reduced by 40% due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures

In-house pharmacy unit

 Licensed to store Schedule II drug products

 Temperature and humidity controlled

 Compounding and reconstitution capabilities

Support units

Subject recruitment call center

 Screening unit

 Sample processing laboratory

 Freezer storage room (short and long term units)

 Bioanalytical laboratory

 Long term document archiving facility

St. Louis, USA | Research Facility

100-bed capacity

 2 BE clinical units with flexible design

1 Phase 1 Clinical Trial intensive care units (ICU)

 Overall clinic capacity reduced by 40% due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures

In-house Pharmacy Unit

 DEA-registered to store and administer controlled substances

 Temperature and humidity controlled

 In-house compounding and reconstitution capabilities

In-house experience includes:

 Extensive experience with controlled drug products, including opioids and psychedelics (ketamine)


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