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BioPharma Services Volunteer Diversity Questionnaire

Diversity in Clinical trials is crucial for the acceleration of drug development as diversity allows for equal representation of populations in clinical trials. Genetic diversity can influence how individuals respond to treatments; a diverse participant pool helps identify genetic variations that may impact drug efficacy and safety.

 BPSI is driving diversity in clinical trials through subject engagement initiatives like conducting surveys, focus groups and participant interviews.

 For us to better understand the diversity of our participants, we ask that you complete this quick questionnaire.

Did You Know?

You may be Eligible to receive up to $200 for referring a friend.

To qualify for the $200.00 referral fee, the following criteria must be met: Provide us with the Name & Contact Information of the person you are referring before they register, or have them provide it to us at the time of their initial registration. The person you are referring must qualify for a study.

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