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A New Experience

Stepping into the world of clinical research may be confusing and daunting, especially with all that’s going on in today’s world. With all the information available online, it can be complex to figure out the information you need to know. With all the scientific terminology and suspected risks involved with doing clinical research, one may find themselves at a crossroads.

Reliable Sources

What better source of information is there than BioPharma’s amazing group of volunteers! We reached out to some of our most seasoned volunteers with over ten years of experience in doing clinical trials. We asked them select questions that might give more insight to new participants who may be on the fence about committing their valuable time to the discovery of medicine.

Meet our expert volunteers

Mike C has been doing clinical trials dating back almost 15 years. He has completed over 20 studies with BioPharma services and is one of the most recognized among staff and volunteers. He has also referred many of his friends to trials and always educates his referrals about our process, making our job in recruitment a whole lot easier. We connected with Mike because we feel he is a great source of information for new volunteers!

Peter C is recognized by all the recruitment staff, he is kind, generous, and always gives us feedback in a professional manner. He brings a positive attitude and outgoing spirit. He has been doing clinical research with us for over 10 years. He loves football and loves to chat with the staff about his predictions on sporting events. He has completed over 20 studies with BioPharma and understands the process from both sides. He brings a team-first mentality and is contacted frequently for study participation due to his professionalism.

Paulette Z is an Opera singer that performs across the GTA. In her downtime, she likes to do clinical research to help in the discovery of new medication and to make a little extra income. She has been with BioPharma for over 15 years and has completed over 10 trials. She loves to be involved in the process and asks brilliant questions. She is incredibly resourceful and very healthy at her age. She likes to stay on top of her health by asking questions to the doctors to see how she can improve her health for future trials. We believe she can provide great advice for those who think they may not be qualified for our trials.

Why BioPharma?

Why BioPharma Services should be your first choice clinical research partner over the other clinics available?

Young doctor wearing white coat taking notes while talking to female patient
  • “The staff really is incredible, you feel really welcome there” – Mike C
  • “It’s all about the people that work there, the staff is helpful, always listening to suggestions and complaints. They make me feel comfortable when I’m there, Things are professional, yet personal when it comes to accommodations and specific rules. You feel safe and secure, both emotionally and physically. Very easy, steady, professional, controlled environment that is very pleasant to do studies in” – Peter C
  • “It brings me great privilege and joy to do studies in BioPharma. It is more than science, its unconditional love for volunteers, they care about how you feel. They are willing to go another mile for their volunteers, and I’ve experienced that for 15 years”- Paulette Z
It is safe to say that here at BioPharma Services Inc. we pride ourselves on the exceptional service and care provided when volunteers stay overnight in the clinic. Our staff understands the value of volunteers dedicating their time to stay overnight at our clinic. BioPharma is committed to providing the most conformable yet safe environment possible. Our doctors and nurses are open to answering any questions volunteers have. This open communication starts at the beginning of your journey to the end!

The Positive Impact of Clinical Research

What can someone gain from this experience other than monetary gain? We understand that money is important, but at BioPharma we want to create a more intrinsic value for our volunteers. We believe this is the driving force that keeps everyone coming back.

  • “Allows me to keep on top of my health because I’m going to screenings all the time. I’m in better health now than I was before I started doing trials” – Mike C
  • “Socially and personally, it has broadened my experiences with people and life. Also gave me another reason to keep up with my health, so that I can be of service in discovery of new medication” – Peter C
  • “I found out I had evaluated blood pressure in the past, and this allowed me to get back on track with my health. They allowed me to recuperate and gave me wonderful advice, and there are no words to express how happy this makes me feel” – Paulette Z
The screening process gives volunteers a chance to keep up with their health and monitor any changes regularly. Each study requires a volunteer to do a medical screening, which entails going over medical history, and a physical exam, along with collecting blood and urine samples. These are conducted by our in-house doctors and nurses to ensure safety and protocol regulations. Volunteers are motivated to keep themselves in good health in order to participate in clinical trials.

A Lasting memory

BioPharma Services strives to be more than just an average research partner, but a place where volunteers can build relationships and share memories with our staff. We are committed to providing services even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding the significance of clinical research in society is the driving force for BioPharma.

  • “Came to the clinic about 8 years ago, and one of the staff thought she recognized me. After we talked, we realized I was her bartender from 25 years ago. She recognized my eyes from 25 years ago” – Mike C
  • “Doing the job right for the staff during blood draws gives you joy because it creates a sense of teamwork. Being able to work together and enjoy lunch after getting the job done right is a great feeling” – Peter C
  • “If you fail a medical screening you will have an opportunity to come back, in addition to that, BioPharma showed great commitment to volunteers even through the COVID-19 pandemic” – Paulette Z
Friends and Family

BioPharma has made a considerable effort to reach out to the friends and families of our volunteers. With a generous referral program and the help of our volunteers to spread the word, there are many reasons why someone would recommend clinical research to their friends and family.

  • “The professionalism you get there [BioPharma] is far beyond what you get at any other clinics. The staff is diligent and thorough. I find that when you get to know them, you look forward to seeing them, and interacting with familiar faces” – Mike C
  • “Many different types of studies constantly & consistently, you are able to pick and choose which studies you want to do. The staff is always smiling and happy. The staff is one of the main reasons I go back to the clinic, and you can make it your second home” – Peter C
  • “I wouldn’t just recommend BioPharma to a friend or family member but to everyone, it should be a service provided internationally” – Paulette Z

Helpful Advice

We asked our professional volunteers to provide some advice and encouragement for new volunteers who might be hesitant. All the advice provided was very insightful, and what better source of information is there than the individuals with years of experience.

  • “Do your research and understand that there are no serious implications or serious concerns about doing studies, and volunteers are monitored very closely by your staff. You’re doing society a favor in the sense that you’re allowing yourself to be a part of a study that will treat people down the road” – Mike C
  • “Many people are concerned about some trials being experimental, but I encourage people to do their research, and once you learn about it’s actually a good experience. I would advise anybody whether they are young adults, college students looking for tuition, middle-aged people, or millionaires. If you have time, and you are healthy, it’s something they should try to get into and find out what it’s about”. – Peter C
  • “Be honest about your health, if there is a problem you can work on some things and maybe get another chance to participate” – Paulette Z

A Learning Experience

As you participate in clinical trials, you will broaden your knowledge about medical development. Many of our volunteers have learned crucial information throughout their years of service. From the medical screening to the end of the trial, there is something that can be learned. The following are some testimonies of volunteer’s experiences:

  • “Observing how they take your blood, vitals, procedures, ECG, all of the QC and data entry that goes into the check-in procedure. From the first study until now, I’ve learned a lot about clinical research“– Mike C
  • “It requires more than showing up and dosing, you need to eat right and keep up with your health to ensure your participation goes smoothly. Learning how to get along with new people in a different environment as helped me socially as well” – Peter C
  • “I’ve learned a lot about the body. The clinical trial process has been very educational, have received great advice from the staff and doctors along the way”. They go far beyond just answering your question, they will provide you more information than you’re looking for” – Paulette Z
There is no substitute for hearing directly from our volunteers, we really hope you have gained some valuable insights into the world of Clinical research at BioPharma Services. Be part of the change you want to see, it starts with you. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial with us, click here to register so we can check your eligibility. We look forward to seeing you in our facility.
BioPharma Services, Inc., a Think Research Corporation and clinical trial services company, is a full-service Contract Clinical Research Organization (CRO) based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in Phase 1 clinical trials 1/2a and Bioequivalence clinical trials for international pharmaceutical companies worldwide. BioPharma has clinical facilities both in the USA and Canada with access to healthy volunteers and special populations.

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